Medical/Legal Document Imaging, Indexing and Archiving Services

Anodyne Imaging & Services, LLC (AISLLC) has demonstrated a tremendous regard for Confidentiality and Compliance, during the digitized projects; in addition, the detail which goes into the retention policies for the specific legal documents, is unparalleled. Moreover, the handling of documents containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a top priority of AISLLC, as we know it is for the Medical Practices and Legal Firms. Therefore, the effort we put into protecting PIIdata is obvious and measurable from the Alpha to Omega of the project. The work with such sensitive and confidential documents can all be handle onsite, under close supervision, which is the discretion of the our client, or offsite at our secure facility where document transfers are A-B Destination transport with all exchange protocols tightly followed. Let it be known, all documents imaged are OCR, Indexed, and full-text searchable upon completion.

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