Business Workflow Process Consulting and Services

Anodyne Imaging & Services, LLC (AISLLC) work with several of the document scanning and indexing leading Document Management Software solutions. AISLLC can work with most document imaging software solutions; although, for most circumstances, DOCUWARE, GLOBODOX, and DOKMEE, are several software solution that AISLLC feels strongly about which can address the majority of business workflows. The leading solution in the opinion of AISLLC is DOCUWARE. DOCUWARE provide the most intuitive interface, with the most robust features for security, person identifiable information protection, retention policy application, OCR and Auto-Indexing by page or regions of pages, business workflow integration, and archival features. DOCUWARE has an excellent capability of applying business workflow, routing, and electronic signature procedures, which can render departments completely paperless, i.e. Account Payable/Receivable, Requisition/Receivable/Purchasing (3-Way Match), and on and on; all which AISLLC can lead projects from concept to implementation re-engineering business processes to integrate electronic document management solution. Of course deciding on a Document Management Software solution depends on several factors, e.g. Company Size, Work Size, Budget, localized operation or centralized document management team/division, etc.

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