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Medical/Legal Document Imaging, Indexing and Archiving Services

Anodyne Imaging & Services, LLC (AISLLC) has demonstrated a tremendous regard for Confidentiality and Compliance, during the digitized projects; in addition, the detail which goes into the retention policies for the specific legal documents, is unparalleled. Moreover, the handling of documents containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a top priorityRead More


Document Imaging, Indexing, Archival, and Shredding Services

Anodyne Imaging & Services, LLC (AISLLC) core business is providing clients an optimum solution to digitizing their documents. It is AISLLC goal to ensure the client is in complete acceptance of their reasoning and thorough understanding in the measurement of their Return on Investment (ROI). Document scanning, indexing, imaging, andRead More


Business Workflow Process Consulting and Services

Anodyne Imaging & Services, LLC (AISLLC) work with several of the document scanning and indexing leading Document Management Software solutions. AISLLC can work with most document imaging software solutions; although, for most circumstances, DOCUWARE, GLOBODOX, and DOKMEE, are several software solution that AISLLC feels strongly about which can address theRead More

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