Document Imaging, Indexing, Archival, and Shredding Services

Anodyne Imaging & Services, LLC (AISLLC) core business is providing clients an optimum solution to digitizing their documents. It is AISLLC goal to ensure the client is in complete acceptance of their reasoning and thorough understanding in the measurement of their Return on Investment (ROI). Document scanning, indexing, imaging, and archival is new to a lot of industries; even more so to a lot of small business company entities. It is AISLLC responsibility to place the client at ease with their decision. In the opinion of AISLLC, digitizing documents brings many advantages to an organization. Moreover, there are benefits that few take into consideration yet can be so rewarding. Some of the most underrated benefits are; office space, through reduction and or elimination of filing cabinets; easy retrieval in response to inquiries without the long wait by the customers, and the cost reduction of paper, toner, and printer wear and tear. Most document scanning solutions can retrieve and index electronic documents directly from their electronic source, i.e. e-mail, fax, etc. Such features contribute to the improved efficiency of the entire organization. The proper shredding of documents supplement an organizations’ effort to ensure Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is protecting even during elimination and destruction.

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